Music Studio Samples

Dorine E. Thompson: New Things (2014)

Dorine E. Thompson – New Things

‘New Things’ by Dorine E. Thompson.┬áProduced by Ben Heveroh.

Shout for Joy:

New Things:

Cast Your Cares:


Cloann Moses: Desire to Worship (2005)

Cloann Moses – Desire to Worship

‘Desire to Worship’ by Cloann Moses.┬áProduced by Ben Heveroh.

My Desire:



Tyrone Cosey: The Only Power (2003)

Tyrone Cosey – The Only Power

‘The Only Power’ by Tyrone Power.┬áProduced by Ben Heveroh.

The Affirmation Song:


Michelle Jordan: The Eternal Light (2002)

Produced by Ben Heveroh.

The Eternal Light:


Stev Schwartz: Livin’ On The Outside (2001)

Stev Schwartz – Livin’ On The Outside

‘Livin’ On The Outside’ by Stev Schwartz. Produced by Ben Heveroh.

Livin’ On The Outside:

A Reason To Live:

Stev Schwartz – Livin’ On The Outside